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Mission, Vision & Values


DBCFSN works to build self-reliance, food security and justice in Detroit’s Black community by influencing public policy, engaging in urban agriculture, promoting healthy eating, encouraging cooperative buying and directing youth towards careers in food-related fields.


DBCFSN’s vision is to advance movement towards food sovereignty while advocating for justice in the food system that ensures access to healthy foods with dignity and respect for all of Detroit’s residents.


Love: Love is the force that motivates our work.  We love and are committed to black people in particular and humanity in general.  We love and are committed to Detroit.  We are striving to create healthy individuals, relationships, and communities.


African Self-Determination: We believe in and work to promote self-reliance, collective work, cooperative economics, and self-governance among African people.  Towards those ends, we value and encourage initiative and purposeful work, be it manual or intellectual.


Integrity: We are working on behalf of our communities. In our organizational practices, we therefore strive to create transparency and a culture of critique. We are committed to acting in a manner that is principled and honest.


Justice: We believe in and work to promote racial equality, class-consciousness and gender equality. We are committed to fighting injustice and building community models of justice.  We uphold good food as a human right.


Respect for Life and Nature: We honor and respect spirit, life and nature. We have the responsibility of good stewardship of the land and water.


Sustainability: We value and are developing an organizational culture of learning, growth and youth development.  That culture is future focused, but informed by history.  We advocate for human systems (food, energy, etc.) that are just, regenerative and earth friendly.

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