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Spinach Leaves

Our Future is Bright

Our children in this video created slogans and jingles as a part of our "Who Tells You What to Eat" unit that addresses media and targeting marketing.  In this unit Food Warriors learn how corporations use media in their marketing strategies to target Black children and influence their food choices which are more often than not, unhealthy junk food.  Food Warriors then created slogans and
jingles promoting healthy food choices. 


We need more light about each other. Light creates understanding, understanding creates love, love creates patience, and patience
creates unity. - Malcolm X

Our DBCFSN Food Warriors program engages young people in activities designed to teach them all aspects of the food system – from food justice and environmental awareness to agriculture techniques and healthy food preparation. Its purpose is to develop a sense of agency in our youth so that they become empowered to make decisions around food that is healthy and beneficial not only to them, their families, and their communities as a whole but also to the sustainability of the environment for generations to come.

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